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Always Hired Sales Bootcamp Review by Rich Herrera

How did you find Always Hired?

Always Hired was referred to me an alumni member, Karla Hernandez who had recently finished the boot camp at that time. She mentioned it was a great way to break into tech sales and get ahead.

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Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Your Job Search

What is ICP? And how can it make finding the right job easier for you?

ICP means ideal customer profile. For an SDR this means asking yourself, “does this prospect fit the criteria to become a customer?”

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How to Sell Ice to an Eskimo

How to “Win” in Any Sales Environment

What did the eskimo say to the sales rep?

You need to cool down.

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From Graduating SJSU to Graduating Always Hired

My name is Peter Ramirez and I am an SDR for a Social Media Marketing company called Revfluence. I graduated from San Jose State University in December of 2016, with a Degree in Hospitality, Tourism, Event Management. I attended the Always Hired sales bootcamp in January.

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Growth Opportunities in the Workplace

It’s hard to keep up nowadays. New technologies are constantly popping up, recruiters and hiring managers are adding skill requirements to the already long list of qualifications for which they are looking. It begs the question, how does one keep up and stay relevant?

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5 Considerations when Rejecting Candidates and Saving your Brand

As CEO of Always Hired I act as a hiring manager for a number of roles we fill. As such, it is inevitable that I am going to reject most of the candidates that come in. It’s not pretty, it’s not fun, but a key to remember is that it is not personal.

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From Lyft to Tech Sales — Thanks Always Hired

I wanted to break into tech sales but wasn’t exactly sure how. One day while driving Lyft in San Francisco, Gabe Moncayo — CEO of Always Hired tech sales bootcamp — happened to be one of my passengers. At the end of our ride, he referred me to the program. Boom! An opportunity to pivot into tech sales. What would you do if you were hungry for a challenge and a solid...

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My Summer with Always Hired

I began my Events & Partnership internship with Always Hired in May of this year. Here are four (important) things I have learned so far:

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The SDR 9-to-5

What does a typical day look like for an SDR?

For anyone looking to break into the technology industry, there remains two entry points: engineering and sales.

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Sales Leader Interviews: Ralph Barsi (Part 2)

In his previous post, Ralph discussed the case for hiring candidates with and without university degrees. Here he discusses key areas when candidates are looking at hiring companies.

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