Webinar: 3 Reasons why Recent Grads Should Consider Tech Sales

During this webinar Gabriel Moncayo, Always Hired’s CEO and Co-Founder, dives into the many reasons tech sales is a great opportunity for recent graduates and how you can get started.

The tech industry is booming and there is an abundance of companies looking for talented people to help them grow. Tech Sales is a very unique field that comes with endless opportunities and can provide an entry point into other roles. Entry level positions average $84k for the first year on the job and Sales Reps can make up to $150k with just a few years of experience.

Tune in now and learn more about this exciting field!

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Gabriel Moncayo,  
Co-Founder & CEO
@ Always Hired
Voted Most Influential Sales Professional in 2016 


Peter Ramirez,
AH Bootcamp Alumni & SDR
@ Revfluence
Joined AH Bootcamp shortly after graduating from San Jose State University