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Always Hired = Dream Job

In 2016, reality hit me. I was a single father, working an unfulfilling sales job that required long hours, including weekends which made me miss quality time with my son.

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*Past Events* D&I Initiatives: Building Diverse & Inclusive Tech Sales Teams @ Kapor Center for Social Impact


The Bay Area's Tech Sales community joined Always Hired at Kapor Center for Social Impact, in Oakland for an evening of inspiring discussion and networking.

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Always Hired Sales Bootcamp Review: Viviana Peralta

Life works in mysterious ways sometimes. As Viviana, an Always Hired sales boot camp alumni, says “it is a combination of the convergence of hard work, luck and opportunity, and what’s supposed to happen.”

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Always Hired Sales Bootcamp Review - Krunal Patel, CultureAmp

Sometimes family knows best - and in the case of Krunal Patel, when his cousin Sunny recommended Always Hired, he decided to take a look.

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Happy 2nd Birthday Always Hired

The other day I was browsing around LinkedIn to try and find inspiration.  

I got distracted, as one does on social media, and ended up clicking on my own profile.

As I was looking at my profile, I noticed I made it to 2 years on LinkedIn since founding Always Hired (LinkedIn generously gives you an extra month).

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Tech I love: SQLAlchemy

My goal with this blog entry is to transition my “tech I love” series into an architectural series focused around data modeling.

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Always Hired Sales Bootcamp Review by Rich Herrera

How did you find Always Hired?

Always Hired was referred to me an alumni member, Karla Hernandez who had recently finished the boot camp at that time. She mentioned it was a great way to break into tech sales and get ahead.

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Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Your Job Search

What is ICP? And how can it make finding the right job easier for you?

ICP means ideal customer profile. For an SDR this means asking yourself, “does this prospect fit the criteria to become a customer?”

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In Search of a College MVP

What is higher education’s version of the minimum viable product -- the smallest, simplest unit that meets the public’s needs? Developing it will be a key goal for college leaders over the next decade, Ryan Craig argues.

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Providing Students with Pathways to High-Value Careers

In this article, Ryan Craig discusses the Skills Gap and how Always Hired helps to bridge the gap for sales.

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