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Going from Eight Jobs in Three Years to Dream Career

It was approaching the end of the school year in the spring of 2017. I was working as a Para Professional for the School District of San Francisco and had been working in that position for a year. 

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Webinar: From SDR to AE - Get Promoted into a Closing Role

Moving out of an SDR role and into an AE role means taking on more responsibility.

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Webinar: Crafting Sales Commission Structures, with DataFox

Dive into the best practices for crafting sales commission structures with DataFox & Always Hired.

Thursday, September 7th | 10:00am (PT) - 1:00pm (ET)

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Tech Sales Career Meetup and Always Hired Open House

Are you looking to break into tech sales but don’t know where to start?

Our next Open House is Tuesday, September 12th!

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Webinar: LinkedIn Tutorial - Building Your Personal Brand 10/04

Creating and growing a "personal brand" can do wonders for your career, and LinkedIn makes it fast and simple.

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Webinar: Resume Tips & Tricks - Marketing Yourself to Hiring Managers 11/02

Are you feeling stuck in the interview process? Have you applied to multiple jobs but aren't getting the response you expected?

Tune in on November 2nd at 10am PST for our free live webinar on revamping your resume! Be sure your resume is checking off all of the qualifiers recruiters and hiring mangers look for when vetting candidates. 

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Webinar: Salesforce - a crash course for entry level sales reps 12/05

December 5th, 5:00 - 5:30pm PST

In today's tech sales job market, candidates are largely required to be familiar with Salesforce. A lack of experience with the tool will disqualify you from most entry level sales positions. 

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A goodbye and a thank you

This is my last week as Always Hired’s Events & Partnerships Intern.

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Always Hired Sales Bootcamp Grad Lands in Australia

Sometimes life takes you to unexpected places - our Alumni Rebecca just moved to Australia to build a new sales team and she’s reminiscing on her experience with Always Hired.

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Always Hired = Dream Job

In 2016, reality hit me. I was a single father, working an unfulfilling sales job that required long hours, including weekends which made me miss quality time with my son.

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